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IMPORTANT: Please read the guidelines and tips provided in the Artist's comments before use of the template.
A little while ago, I posted a profile of my Skyrim OC along with the template for anyone who wanted to use it. I thought of doing one for Hellsing too. My reasons to posting it is to get information of my NQ Hellsing character out there, and for people to create their own OC's and allow others to help them improve their OC's. Just scroll down for the rules of use and guidelines in making a good OC. It should be suitable for most OC's, as long as they are well developed. I have tips in making a decent OC. They are only there to help you and be your guide. There are experts in OC creation out there who are willing to help you too. :)

Rules of Use:

1. Always favorite before using the template.
2. Do not alter any part of the template. I have made it that way, not only for simple use, but to only display necessary information in regards of Hellsing OC's. Likes, Dislikes, favorite music, food, activities, theme song, etc are extraneous and unnecessary to character development. If anything, it would be more like an online dating profile if there were parts of information like that.
3. Be sure to credit me if you used the template. Link back too, I would love to see what you did.
4. I am not sure how to set images on the profile since it is a text file. It would be best to direct reference pictures on Artist's Comments. If you are using images from other people or websites, be sure to credit and it never hurts to ask for permission beforehand. Writing your character's description is always great too.

Example of the profile: [link]

A few tips in making a decent OC:

1. Mind the canon. This doesn't only apply to Hellsing but to all fandoms. You must read the manga, watch all anime, OVA, etc. However, you must do further research into the characters to harness their personalities, motives, and behavior. You need to know whether any source of media is actually canon to a series. The Hellsing TV series is on debate on whether it is canon or not. Many do not believe that it is. Stay close to what the creator intended. Official manga would be your best source.

2. Research. That is the key to whether the OC is believable and developed. In Hellsing's case, you will have to look up every credible source to learn about the background. London is a very big city and you have to know their military. You may have to look into the government as well. If your OC is set in the future, take consideration that things may change. It is left to our imagination on how the Hellsing world will be like years after the Millennium attack. You can have fun with it, but be reasonable and not get too crazy. If you want to have your OC involve with mythological beings, and the supernatural, I suggest reading all about it. On weapons, they are more complicated then just creating some item and give it a name. Hellsing usually use different types of guns. Weapons like katanas seem off-putting in the Hellsing universe. There are exceptions, but it's best to not take it as an excuse. Read magazines, books, and look up sites to see the guns, their power, etc. I know someone who made posts on weapons and their characteristics. If you want to know, I am willing to give the link. I spend months in research alone. It may not take you that long, but I would take some time in gathering all background information before you make your choices for your OC.

3. Species is a touchy subject in any anime and manga. The majority of the characters in Hellsing are humans. There is nothing wrong with that. Humans have many flaws and more people will appreciate them if their story involves overcoming their flaws. They do not need amazing powers or be wonderful in everything to be heroes. Shoteka has many weaknesses and a good deal of the NQ Hellsing fanfic is about her overcoming them and mature and know what true courage is. If you must have a vampire, werewolf, or demon as your OC, you need to look into them and come to understand how an individual will feel if they are vampire, etc. There are many types of demons. You will have to be aware of what they are, what they do, weaknesses, and appearances. They are not pleasant creatures so keep that in mind.
Werewolves go through a lot of crap in their lives. Breeding and finding mates are not what they would typically want. Being a werewolf is often seen as a curse, a horrible, painful curse. Captain is an excellent example. He spend many years as a werewolf, living to kill until he is killed. Death is the only way to free him from being a werewolf, and in the manga, he embraced it. Vampires can be pretty complex, mythology is your best friend when researching vampires. There are a vast variety of vampires, some nastier than others.
FREAKS are similar but have more weaknesses than a true vampire. FREAKS will not be your best option in an OC. There are very few vampires at the time Hellsing was set.
They can be more diverse in personalities like Alucard who is arrogant, sadistic, yet hurt from his past while Seras is more timid, even awkward before becoming a true vampire, and friendlier. Because of this, review your OC's personality. Don't put down: "Crazy and violent, but is sweet and loving with friends." There has to be balance. The change of personality can be possible in the OC's story, but only if it is well explained such as becoming a new person after facing great challenges. When you choose a species, stick with it. You can't be human, vampire, angel, demon and then cyborg. Your OC can be from human to vampire or werewolf. All that is asked is to research, utilize your creativity, and not use the "Seras' transformation" plot that we see in canon.

4. I like to point out fashion in this too. Hellsing is a dark series, that is well known, but it's not an excuse to break out fishnets and other stereotypical gear. You must think about your OC. What is their lifestyle like? Is the OC a soldier? What time period in Hellsing are they in (Pre-Millennium attack or thirty years after the attack), what's their personality and taste? I have mentioned in my profile that Shoteka lives among Hellsing and is with upper class. She will have to dress nicely and have articles of clothing that is appropriate. The newest armor design is based on a small team she is with in NQ Hellsing. It is set thirty years after the events of Hellsing with advances in technology is apparent. We don't know what the standard uniform in Hellsing would be like at the end of the series, so you can play around with the idea, as long as the OC is covered and the style is appropriate for a soldier. Midriff tops, short skirts, and garments resembling lingerie would not look very good on your OC in that environment. I understand if people want to make their OC's attractive, but there are ways to be sexy, cute, and gorgeous and still covered up. In battle, protection and all necessary precautions are a must.

5. I know many fangirls would be angry at this, but relationships are not required. There are detailed guidelines in romancing canon characters, so I will be brief and present the link if you request. A lot of the characters are hard to have relationships with. Alucard, Major, Captain, Schrodinger, Enrico Maxwell, and Anderson are not recommended for this. Alucard will be very difficult to deal with and even dangerous. It is canon that Major does not want to be involved with anyone. War, violence, death and terror are his lovers. He is very demented and sinister despite his charisma. Pip may be possible but he may not be ideal. It is not known if Pip would be faithful to Seras if he survived and they were together. It's possible that he is a player. I even have to keep that in mind and abandoned shipping my other Hellsing OC with Pip. Their relationship would be considered a brief fling that was never meant to be. Seras...Many people bash her for being Alucard or Pip's lover. She show to return feelings for Pip, but finding a lover is NOT her priority. All Seras cares about is protecting others around her and being an excellent soldier. She sees Alucard more like a parent or mentor than lover. Integra is a strong woman who does not care to be dating. I find it hard to see her paired with someone. Captain is a werewolf and he is trained to fight. Like most members of Millennium, war and death are what his loves. Anderson and Enrico are from the Catholic Church. That would be very difficult to get around. I can't say that you can never, ever have your OC involved with canon characters. It MAY be possible, but will be hard. Many creators bend canon to the point of breaking, and even twist them up for fanservice. Be cautious if you choose to have relationships with canon characters and try your best to stick to canon.

6. I have one suggestion with OC background information, a wonderful OC does not have to have a tragic past. I seen a lot that involve losing family members whether from attacks of ungodly creatures or when the OC goes insane and kills them. Though it will be interesting to have an OC struggle with their mental health, it is very difficult in writing it out and a lot of research must be done. It's a very, very sensitive subject too, so you must keep that in mind if that is what you want to do. No one is perfect, your OC's should not be an exception. People will find it interesting to see how your OC will cope and overcome their problems, but don't add mental disorders to your character because it may be seen as something edgy. It's not at all cool or fun. Back to the subject, OC's can have a normal upbringing and soon grow up to join military forces. If it is written right, it's possible for an OC to have a tragic past and in their story, they face regrets, fight memories, and learn to be strong and win back control of their lives. Some OC's also made stories very similar to Seras becoming a vampire and joining Hellsing. Please keep in mind that you should step away from that. I's overused and I know you are capable in creating stories that are better.

7. This brings me to age. There are many OC's in their teens, possibly to reflect creators' age. The only problem to that is that Hellsing, Iscariot, and Millennium are military forces. They will not accept teenagers. This is because teens are considered to be minors. There will be a lot of issues if there are minors fighting. Schordinger appears to be a teen, but he could be a lot older than he looks and he has experience as a soldier. I suggest OC's to be at least 20 years of age or older; however, the military often accept people who are in their late teens like in the US, you must be at least 18 to join the military. Other countries may have different set ages for that, so look into it for more details. Age 18 is a fail-safe, minimum requirement for Great Britain's military forces. In regards to alliance, I strongly suggest that Millennium is not the best choice. All the characters are fodder and unless you want your OC to die during the events of the Millennium attack, I would pick a different side.

8. In this world, artists and writers face many people who have different ideas and points of view. You will meet people who may disagree with your OC and either suggest or pitch a fit. Most of the time, critics would offer advice because they see something promising in you and want to help bring it out. Shoteka has gone through many changes as the NQ Hellsing fanfic story. They developed and advanced because of critics. I thank them for their help and they continue to do so today. Having an unrequested critique or someone who give their opinions you would not agree with is very stressful. Don't let it upset you. You are the creator and have the power to have your OC changes or remain the same, but you must conduct yourself. Critics will be more pleasant if you are polite and honest. Thank anyone who give constructive criticism. You have the choice to accept the advice, or politely decline. Giving ill wishes, threats, making angry journals, rants and other works will not present yourself well. You represent your OC as you represent yourself. More people, even critics will respect you if you handle them well. The effective thing to do with anyone who give direct insults is to block them. Minimum contact is best. Please remember that most critics are good people who have the goal in helping others improve. They do this because they know you have talent and the potential to make a good name for yourself. Critics are a part of life. You have the choice to prove you are the bigger person by being mature and calm when facing the issue. I offer help and full details on critiques in my journal. Never be afraid to ask questions from friends and critics. I will have Shoteka go through another critique. She passed the first one and I hope she will do well again. She is often reviewed. You can decide if you want to accept any suggestions offered to you or in response of your questions. As long as you remain civil, you will show everyone that you are mature and that will earn you praise and respect.

9. Don't be afraid to write down notes and citations on your OC profile. If you give details and explanations to your choices for your OC, it will help other people understand what you intended for your OC. That is why Shoteka's profile is pretty long. Most of it are notes and citations on sites and chapters of the NQ fic. Share your knowledge!

Hellsing is Kouta Hirano's.

I hope you do well in your characters. Best of luck to all of you!
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